Rachel Taylor

  • Oklahoma City, OK & Olympia, WA

Rachel Taylor: Graphic Designer "I think graphic design is all about telling stories, but visual stories."

I’m a professional graphic designer with combined 5 years of corporate experience who is recently moved to Olympia, WA, with my husband and cat. We lived in Oklahoma for years, but wanted a change of scenery, and a place we felt we would be willing to settle down. I was born to an air force family and lived in places such as England, Japan, and the continental US.

I'm an INFJ personality, and I take a keen interest in people and how design and marketing can shape and impact users. I have a passion for stories, which trickles down to a love of analyzing how strings of complex interactions ultimately dictate decisions and choices. I eagerly pursue detail-oriented work, and love working with a team that values thoughtful, intentional design. I graduated with honors from Oklahoma Christian Unvierstiy with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Design, and hope one day to also pursue higher education in other fields.

In my spare time, my hobbies include video games, tabletop board games such as Dungeons & Dragons, theater, and a lifelong obsession with cooking food for friends. I'm currently pursuing bookbinding, and learning to speak Japanese to further my own personal goals.


B.F.A. in Communication Design at Oklahoma Christian University

2007 – 2011 Oklahoma City, OK


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